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Benefits of Escape Room Games

An escape room is an immersive experience which encourages solving problems, teamwork and getting clues for completing a given objective. They are usually cognitive and learning experiences and provide a fantastic gaming experience. Escape rooms also offer players with scenarios that are educationally-enriching that leave them happy, intelligent and feeling content. The following are some of the reasons why you need to play an escape room.

Increases Memory Ability and Capacity

old man holding booksAs you get old, your memory can be tested at times. Challenges and puzzles can be a perfect way of boosting your memory retention and recall by interacting with language, symbol or code. Some escape rooms require that you focus your energy to retain information and recall it afterward in the game. These practices significantly increase your memory longevity and capacity enabling you to take away something useful and powerful in your daily life.

Improves Social Ability and Communication

Human beings need social interaction. When in high-pressure situations, you are it is advisable to communicate with the people around you to overcome the challenges. Escape rooms place teams into a situation in which communication is of the essence. As you get fully immersed in the digital world, your physical act of talking can rapidly disappear. Escape games revitalize this inner urge of discussing solutions and overcoming challenges as a team.

Piques your Senses

The most beautiful part of an escape room is that you are put at the center of the action. Here you get to experience sounds, aromas, sounds and also feel the surrounding of the other world. When you enter the escape room, your senses get piqued. You feel an urge for a survival instinct while working as a team to get your way out of the unfamiliar place.

Increases Level of Satisfaction and Happiness

people doing the high five

You also get satisfaction and great joy from completing a challenge with the new information obtained. The will adrenaline increase during the escape room, and when you finish the challenge, it feels like a great achievement. Teamwork and the feeling of accomplishment will suddenly come to your mind.

Create Unique Memories

When you leave the escape room, you know you have achieved something. You know you had to think outside the box and have gone against the odds to work in a team. You will get to reflect on the hard and good times throughout the experience. You then realize you have made memories that you will never forget. The feeling of achievement is what you will take away with you- unforgettable people and unforgettable time.

Escape rooms are fun. All the psychological satisfaction and reward you get from completing the games will leave you knowing you had fun. These are some of the great benefits that you will get from play an escape room. You can get escape rooms at Time Traveler Escape Games, located in downtown Charleston.…

Features of Quality Gaming Desks


Computer desks for gaming are not easily available in stores, but if you on big platforms then you are likely to find a model which meets your expectations as far as gaming is concerned. One vital perk gaming desk for the home should feature adjustability to the need of the gamer. This implies different things to different people. TVGB did an article covering this here. You need to know some aspects about these gaming desks. The following features are particularly important for a home gaming desk.

Cable management system

Even people who do not have many devices usually have the problem of cable triangle, and as far as gaming is concerned, this is an important feature. The option of hiding your cables carefully behind your desk may seem a trifle, but when you get a gaming desk with the solid cable management system, you can never want any other model.cablemanagement

Space for consoles

The optimal dimensions of the desk, on the whole, depend on mostly your gaming preference. Most gamers appreciate space for storage of consoles or extra monitors. As a result, you can get a bulky, spacious desk design. The best way out is to ensure the same table surface and optimize the available room space is choose an L-shaped or corner model of gaming desk.

Supreme load capacity

Because you have started talking about consoles and monitors, you need not forget that the high quality, durable desks for your home must have a loading capacity that is impressive. This can be achieved using supreme materials and quality parts fixation. You ideally should look or a high-quality MDF surface but on a metal base that is solid. This arrangement is affordable and durable as well.

Adjustability and setups

Most of these gaming desks need to have some additional adjustable options. Adjustable table height and surface angle are some of the most popular adjustments. There be even more perks, but these two are the most useful and basic.

Unobtrusive design

unobtrusive designHome gaming desks should also have the feature of the unobtrusive design. This does not imply that they have to blend with your environment completely but need not stand out much. Look for materials and shades which already dominate your room.

For better gaming, you need to get the best gaming desk. These are the features you need to look for when choosing a quality gaming desk for your games at home Also buy at considerable price tags.…

Must Watch TV Series in 2018

Film reels

With 2018 just around the corner, fresh off the screen shows that are highly anticipated by viewers all over the world. From spin-offs, sequels, and originals, it looks like we won’t be short on our binge-watch list for next year. But a lot of us do not even have the time or access to watch all these series on TV. Luckily, you can easily do a tv series download on the go so that you can watch any time, anywhere. Don’t know which one to watch first? Here are our top picks for next year’s upcoming TV series

The intense drama in 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Clay Jensen and the students of Liberty High are coming back for another nail-biting set of tapes. The first season was rated the most controversial and trending show of 2017 due to its nod to sensitive issues such as bullying, sexual assault, and suicide. We were left with an ambiguous scene of Alex’s attempt to commit suicide and Jessica’s intentions of going against Bryce in court at the end of season one. What heart-wrenching drama will this next season bring to us?

Man watching TV

Kick ass adventures with Jessica Jones

Does taking out the bad guy really ensure a happy ending? Not in the case of our favorite female heroine. If Jessica Jones struggled with being human in the last season because of her head, the next season would involve more of her heart. Based on her sort-of getting along with The Defenders, maybe her conscience will be the redemption for her uncontrollable psyche. Look out for another battle with a new villain, because what else would keep her busy? This new ‘big bad’ hasn’t been announced yet, which makes fans even more excited. And of course, she will continue to reward us with her sharp-tongued witty comments in the next season.

American Idol’s comeback

ABC is bringing back the classic singing competition on TV. This year’s American Idol presents us with new top-billed artists as judges, which are Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. The show’s favorite host Ryan Seacrest will also be returning. The judges have already been teasing us on social media by posting short clips of the auditions. It looks like this season’s American Idol will be just as competitive and entertaining as the previous ones. Ready to find the next rising star in singing?

Of course, there many other shows to look forward to in 2018. Hopefully, we won’t all end up as couch potatoes!…

Fun Activities to Do in Your House


Winter is coming, and you may have plans to go for the seasonal holiday, or perhaps you’re just going to stay inside your house for the Christmas. Although it’s cold and you might want to snuggle up near the fireplace all day, you can have fun things to do in your place. Here we have listed several fun activities that you can do in your house, whether it is with friends, family or alone. Make sure to wear your jacket as it can be quite cold.


We all love singing, that’s for sure, and Christmas is the best time to sing along during the cold winter while you’re warm with the fireplace in the house. If you have the cash to spare and you’re thinking to splurge on a karaoke equipment then, check prices at to know the audio equipment that you need. Another tip is to make sure you tone it down, too loud and you might earn a visit from the cops because of the angry neighbors.


When you’re trapped inside your house, you might want to try new recipes during the cold winter. Get yourself a cookbook before winter starts, perhaps try baking some cakes, or grilling a feast for your family. Or if you’re too lazy, a warm cup of hot chocolate while you sit down is great as well.

DIY craft

Nothing beats a lazy winter day while you’re crafting on the house, sitting down while watching the snow fall. You can knit, sew, or even paint depending on your hobbies. Do anything that you want while you have the free time that you deserve.

bookRead some books

When was the last time you had time to read your favorite books as you’re too busy working full-time? So take a book that has been sitting on your shelf for a long time or perhaps get yourself some e-books as you read from your tablet, and enjoy your free time with a good book.

Invite families or friends over

It sucks to be in the house during winter nights all alone, so invite some people in, perhaps your date, your family, or your friends. Throw a Christmas party, call for deliveries or cook a big feast for your guests. This will be a great opportunity to get in touch with some of your favorite people, as usually we’re all to busy with work to even do a meetup.…

How to improve your standup comedy act


The best knowledge you can have as a comedian who is starting out is on stage.  The only way you can learn how to be funny is to acquire stage time. You have to stop waiting for the right time and just get out there immediately.  If you like to make people laugh, then utilize that as your motivation to get out there. As you use your stage time you will learn what works and what does not through a process referred to as trial and error. Yes you might fail but keep in mind that failing is the appropriate learning experience. You will not improve if you cannot perform in front of a live audience. Below are some tips on how to improve your stand up comedy act:

Practice performing anywhere there is a group of people


You require experience to improve your performance. Acquiring the experience may not be a process that is full of fun, but you need to put together a 20 to 25 minute show that you can get laughs from in a consistent manner night after night. Once you have that show that always works for you, yo will be able to begin getting paid for your work. However, until you get there you will still need to get the experience.

Open mike night

Restaurants, coffee houses, nightclubs and other places offer enough opportunities for beginners to perform a three to six minute comedy show. You will be able to make individuals laugh anywhere if you can do so at open mike nights.

You may not be treated fairly

Things are not going to be easy. You will probably be slotted early in the show before any person is there or late in the show after everyone has gone. There will be moments when you get lucky and have an audience, but they will most likely be other comedians waiting for their turn or drunks who do not pay you any attention. Whatever the case continue believing in yourself and the process.

Pay attention to your cues

htgvghvgfcfgcgfcgfcA lot of times the club or coffee house will have a signal of some sort that enables you to know when it is time to get off the stage. Ensure that you pay attention to it. Be aware of where it is and how it works, and watch for it during your performance. You have about 30 seconds after your signal before they force you to leave the stage or you might be ordered never to come back.…

Tips for appropriate film casting


So you have taken part in numerous school plays and impressed everyone with your acting prowess. You have also made a decision to make it big in the film industry and attended various classes for it. But, do you know what you need to do when you receive an invite for an audition in a film production studio. If you have ever come across a casting director, you will have an understanding on how tough the job can be for him or her. There are also a lot of good actors and choosing the best is very confusing. Because of that you are required to give your best performance every single time. You also have to know a few tips for film casting that will assist you to be at an advantageous position. They are as below:


Listen first and then act


The first rule of getting involved in film casting is to listen to what the casting director says concerning the part that is being offered. It is not just about reading the lines and delivering them in the audition. The more you pay attention to what you are supposed to do, the better you will be capable of enacting the scene.

Do not let nerves get the better of you

It is a normal thing to be nervy when you are attending a film casting, but if you allow yourself to get nervous, you can end up losing everything. Hence being nervy is not an option.

Be comfortable with the cast

Usually there are only a few individuals who will be present in the casting room. So try your best to be as comfortable as possible with them.

Look confident

The manner in which you present yourself in film casting will determine if you are suitable for that role.

Eye to eye contact

The first thing that you will get to learn in a film casting agency is to make eye to eye contact with the director. This is vital because it shows how confident you are.

Dress to impress

Dressing for the role that you will be assigned to you is the appropriate way to capture the attention of the casting director. Depending on the role that you are auditioning for, you can find clothes that will suit the role and wear them on the day of auditioning.

Rehearse well

ftgvgvcfgvgfvcgfvRehearsing while you are in front of the camera is the best way to prepare for any casting interview. If you have the dialogues ready, make use of a mobile camera or digital camera to record yourself during each take.…