Tips on how to learn piano by yourself


Piano as a musical instrument is a pure delight to play. For some individuals, it is hobby that is hidden and for some a promising career. Be it any reason that you have for wanting to know how to play piano, now it is possible to become an excellent player without years of practice in costly piano lessons and it can be done at the comfort of your house. With basic knowledge of piano chords, notes, keys, and a lot of practice you can self-rain yourself to become a pro-pianist. Below are some basic pointers on how to go about it:

Choice between piano or keyboard to start for a beginner


The most efficient and cost-effective way to start are electronic keyboards. The keyboard should have 88 weighted keys. The weighted keys are good at building hand strength and they respond more like the keys of an acoustic piano. A lot of electronic keyboards lack weighted keys. If a keyboard that has 88 weighted keys is unaffordable to you, it is advisable that students utilize a keyboard with at least 61 keys.

Familiarize yourself with basic piano knowledge

You can use either an 88 keys digital piano or 61 keys digital piano. Usually for someone who is a beginner, 61 keys piano keyboard is enough to cover a huge amount of songs. Keys are organized in a 12-note pattern that is distinct and it repeats across the whole piano key layout. White piano keys are known as naturals because they make a natural note when played. Black piano keys are called accidentals because they produce a sharp flat note when pressed. There are seven naturals found on the keyboard i.e. C-D-E-F-G-A-B.

Schooling yourself with major keys and chords

vghvghvghvhvhgvhBegin with playing and familiarizing yourself with differentiating tones such as the middle tones (middle of the piano), flat tones (left black keys), sharp tones (right black keys), bass tones (low sounds) and high tones (high sounds) by listening to them. You are required to study the 8 major keys and be able to identify the sound each one produces. Songs are usually made up of variations of chords and the chords are composed of similar notes. Getting to know these notes is the major step towards identifying a certain song. As for a beginner, an individual should focus in getting accustomed to the basic chords, its location on the keyboard and the way it sounds.